We were surprised by great news this week:

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, of Hope Charitable Trust Bodhgaya, is the 2012 Adeste Gold Medal Laureate!

Sanjay, who has completed Medical training (PT) at Magadh Medical College and is now interning in Patna, was nominated and then selected from a pool of thousands by an international committee for his humanitarian work in the villages outside Bodhgaya! Congratulations, Sanjay!

We look forward to expanding the ability of Hope to reach those in need of care.

Adeste Gold Medal awarded to Unsung Heroes by Adeste Live.

Humanities, Social Justice, Arts, Technology, Medicine
RECIPIENT 2012 : Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shailendra (PT), India, Age 31.. Medicine
RECIPIENT 2011 : Jia Zhang-ke, Beijing, Age 40..  Arts
RECIPIENT 2010 : Joseph Teran, Los Angeles, Age 33..  Medicine
RECIPIENT 2009 : Mariatu Kamara, Sierra Leone/Toronto, Age 22..  Humanities
RECIPIENT 2008 : David Wesongah, Nairobi, Age 23..  Arts
RECIPIENT 2007 : Jenna Brianne Lambert, Kingston-Canada, Age 16..  Humanities
RECIPIENT 2006 : Anna Helen Dyson, New York, Age 40..  Technology
RECIPIENT 2005 : Phil Arkell, The Niger Delta 39..  Social Justice


Only $30 USD is the cost of each post-polio patient’s complete treatment.

Funding is required for medicines, plaster, supplies, transportation.

There is also need for a dedicated women’s-health specialist.

To arrange donations – kindly contact…

DAVID in Berkeley, California or SANJAY in Bodhgaya, India @


Thanks to Fran and her friends in Australia, we were able to send over 1000 dollars to Sanjay & Hope in Bodhgaya. They have restarted their healthcare efforts, purchasing much-needed medicines and supplies for physiotherapy.

Sanjay writes:

“Finally we started work in the village, and visited 5 villages to find more polio kids. And guess what? I found 16 additional cases of polio and cerebral palsy, who need our help. I am so happy because I saw big big smile and some crying of help in the village, they make me also cry. I could not stop my tears.”

There is so much need, and Sanjay and his friends are so eager to provide help. Sixteen children who would otherwise have remained in their condition, really do have hope for a future on their own two feet.

Healing Steps


Sanjay is on the record as an instigator of “good news” worth reporting:


and further coverage:


We are so heartened by this resonance of good with good in the “new media!”

Love and Water


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Hope Charity has now teamed up with Mary McManus of New World Greetings to get the word out about Sanjay and his team.

This past year has been a difficult one for the world, and for Hope, which has cut back its village visits to once-per-month.

We are pledging to raise enough funds to get Sanjay & co. back out to the village sites at least once per week, especially to resume the physiotherapeutic treatment of children afflicted by polio.

The most recent photographs and video taken in Bihar are still available from late 2007 here.

Sanjay updates us on the conditions of those same children in 2010:

Deepak required one additional course of treatment due to insufficient aftercare, and is now back on his feet.

Puja is now able to walk on her own two feet with the aid of a cane.

When funding is available, we aim to offer proper aftercare to make sure these children recover fully from their debilitating condition.

Sanjay is currently a second-year medical student at Magadh University, where he studies Physiotherapy. He is devoting his life to this cause, and when sufficient funds are available, sufficient care will be offered.

Child’s foot in plaster dust

Deep in the desert of India’s most destitute state, the seven men of Hope Charity tend to the medical needs of villagers who assemble from a wide radius. Following a fifty kilometer motorcycle ride in from Bodh Gaya, they arrive at their make-shift clinic to be greeted by a line of patients often numbering in the hundreds. Dr. Khan, a homeopath, sees patients with a range of concerns. He is the only doctor available to these people. Dr. Khan is joined by Sanjay Kumar, a physiotherapist who cares for the many children crippled by polio.

The simple therapy to help children recovering from polio is documented here. Deepak can be seen mid-treatment and at the end of the two month process. Watch him walk his first steps.


Puja is another child who has benefited from Sanjay’s help and can now lead an active life.

p1.jpgp2.jpg puja1.jpgpuja2.jpg

The cost of each post-polio patient’s complete treatment is about $30. Sanjay and several other members of Hope are volunteers. Funding is required for the doctor, medicines, plaster, supplies, and transportation. There is also need for a dedicated women’s-health specialist.

To arrange donations, please contact Sanjay at hopecharitybodhgaya@gmail.com